Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And it begins again...for the 115th time

The dog days of summer begin to wind down. The sunlight becomes dim at an earlier hour. The crickets chirp louder and the desperate bees become more aggressive.
Ah yes, the signs of seasonal change. Another summer begins to fade into fall. We know that soon enough the leaves will begin to change and the thoughts will become the cold and snow.

But before all of that our thoughts are focused on one thing and one thing only, Little Giant football. The 115th edition hits the field very soon and that means new memories will be added to the old ones that live forever.

You know the memories I am talking about. We've all experienced them. We remember them well.

The anticipation of the game all week
Walking down Woodson way amid the giant footprints
Seeing the lines at the gate buying tickets
The sound of the Marching Little Giants coming down Franklin Ave. before the game
The smell of Heinz Ketchup in the air
The sound of the big crowds of the past
The Marching Little Giants running onto the field for pregame
Standing and singing the alma mater
Gary Kaltenbachs voice announcing halftime
Larry Jacksons recognizable voice announcing "touchdown Fremont Ross!'
The Pioneers sugar towers in the distance
The ghosts of Tiller, Lewis, Liggins, Lytle, Woodson and more haunting the field
Remembering Binkley, Mackey, Shuff, and Moore prowling the sidelines
The old scoreboards at the northest and south ends of the field
Memories of Harmon Stadium and the "junior high" section in the south endzone
The crowd spelling F-R-E-M-O-N-T after the band plays The March of the Little Giants
The church steeples off to the southeast
The great days of the Buckeye Conference
The memorable battles with Sandusky
...and the happy walks back to our cars or home after another Little Giant win.

Yes the 114th edition of Ross football is just around the corner and the excitement that comes with it is in the air.

Sure the cold and snow are coming closer and closer. But we'll think about that later, we have more important things to consider. We're Little Giant fans.

See you at the Don!

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