Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Toledo City League

Weeks and months of instability and uncertainty came to an end yesterday when the Toledo City League admitted Fremont Ross as a member. Now there is still some official things that need to take place before we actually become members beginning in 2011 but without a doubt those are technicalities that will take place easily.

Make no mistake about it this is great news. Becoming a member of the CL offers Ross and it's athletic programs longterm stability. Even if the long-rumored closing of Libbey becomes reality the number of schools in the league will still guarantee the kind of stability that we have not had since the days of the Great Lakes League. Heck even if two of the Toledo publics were to close, which is a possiblity with declining enrollments in the Toledo City School district, there would still be stability that we would not have had as a member of any other league including he Northern Ohio League.

One of the reasons that Ross was voted in is the fact that we have a long history of competition against CL schools, in all sports, both boys and girls. And Little Giant athletic teams are very competitive with the current CL schools. Look at the attendance at this years Ross-Whitmer football game. Now that won't be the case in all games in the CL but you can be it will be when we face Clay, Whitmer, or any of the parochials.

Much credit for this acceptance goes to Ross AD Art Bucci. Bucci has reportedly been working hard behind the scenes for some time to make this happen. His efforts have led to the Little Giants becoming members of an league that has been around for decades and will be around for a long time to come. His work has given Ross athletic teams longterm league stability.

The downside of yesterdays good news for Ross was the fact that Findlay, and Lima Senior were denied membership. Travel has been cited as the main reason. For the Trojans, Spartans, and Marion Harding the stress of trying to find a league continues. I hope for the best for them.

Now that the big decision has been made let's focus on our remaining time in the Greater Buckeye Conference beginning with Friday nights game against Napoleon. Let's go out and keep our playoff hopes alive with a win over the Wildcats.

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