Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday morning thoughts... 9/26/10


The first quarter of last nights game was a bit scary. It appeared that the Little Giants would not be able to stop the Preppers offense. When University School went up 10-0 on a field goal on the first play of the second quarter, I was just a little worried.

A key fumble recovery in the endzone by the defense woke the offense up and Ross got rolling. By the end of the half the Little Giants had a 21-10 lead and did not look back. Once again led by Tylor Trautwein, the Ross offense ran over the Prepper defense. Trautwein ran for 187 total yards, including a beautiful 87 yard TD run that capped the nights scoring. Kudos to the coaching staff for making the necessary adjustments last night to turn things around early allowing the Giants to roll.

It was good to see Gabe Tayar get a field goal last night. The young man is a great addition to the program. His kicking, along with the punting of Eric Hogle are excellent.

Fortunately this game with University School was a one time thing. They brought no fans and no band. Saturday night games are interesting, but only during the playoffs. Give me a Friday night game anytime.

Now it is on to Findlay. Last year at this point we were 4-1 and finished 1-4. Things are very much different this season and we really need to go into Donnell Stadium with a head of steam and come out of next Friday night at 5-1. We can do it.

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  1. "Fortunately this game with University School was a one time thing. They brought no fans and no band."

    We felt the same. Traveling 100+ miles to compete with a D-1 school (we're D-III), simply to fill out the football schedule, is not the kind of game fans travel for.
    As to the band... We are a Boys school of just 400 students, whose sports teams were in 8 different match-ups today, across four different counties. We have no one left with which to form a band. (No girls = no cheerleaders either).
    Sorry, but we won't be sending 200 people west on a Saturday night to buy your programs and hot dogs.