Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Benedictine week...

The Bengals of Cleveland Benedictine come calling this Friday night. Benny is 1-2 on the season with losses to Chardon NDCL and Mentor Lake Catholic. The Bengals win was this past Friday night, 28-0 over Chardon. The series between the Little Giants and Bengals began in 1980 and look like this....

1980...Benedictine 21-12
1981...Benedictine 12-10
1982...Benedictine 14-7
1983...Ross 16-6
1984...Benedictine 31-14
1985...Benedictine 28-21
1986...Benedictine 23-0
1987...Benedictine 14-13
1988...Benedictine 17-12
2003...Benedictine 49-10
2004...Benedictine 34-26
2005...Benedictine 31-0
2006...Ross 34-28
2007...Benedictine 30-0
2008...Benedictine 12-0

So yes, Benny has a 13-2 lead in the series. But look at the scores. Very few of the games were blowouts. Seven of the Little Giant losses were games that could have gone the other way. But those games are all in the past.

So we have a Benny block. At least that's what some say. We are intimidated by the Bengals. We can't beat Benedictine. They have our number. Maybe, maybe not. But let's end that this year.

It's time for the Little Giants to come out and play hard, every play, every down. Remember they are a program that has lost two games this season in blowout fashion. This is a team that can be beat. Let's put the past behind us and end this whole benny block. Let's beat the Bengals this Friday night.

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