Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whitmer week....

Friday night the Little Giants continue their City League audition tour with a visit to Whitmer Memorial Stadium to take on the Panthers. Coming into Fridays game both teams are 1-0 on the season. Whitmer knocked off Tiffin Columbian 35-7, while Ross scored a 24-7 win over Whitmers bitter rival, the Start Spartans.

Fridays game will be the 22nd meeting between the two programs in a series that began in 1930. Ross leads the series 14-7 and the Little Giants won last years game 34-14. The series results so far....
1930....Ross 13-6
1931....Whitmer 3-0
1932....Ross 32-0
1989....Ross 35-0
1990....Whitmer 27-7
1991....Whitmer 34-7
1992....Whitmer 26-20(OT)
1993....Ross 21-14
1994...Ross 45-0
1995...Ross 29-13
1996...Ross 23-17
1997...Ross 17-0
1998....Ross 38-14
1999....Ross 6-0
2000...Whitmer 10-0
2001...Ross 10-0
2002...Whitmer 35-7
2006...Ross 35-21
2006....Whitmer 21-17
2007....Ross 23-21
2008...Ross 34-14

Both teams have been hyped all preseason as two of the best in Northwest Ohio. Whitmer is expected to challenge teams like Central Catholic, St. Johns and St. Francis for the Toledo City League title. Ross has been mentioned as the favorite in the Greater Buckeye Conference. Both teams are mentioned as contenders in the playoff race in region two.

The winner of this weeks game will get a huge load of playoff points as the season goes on as the loser will go on to win a lot of games.

In the pre-game talk this week many folks are picking Whitmer to win. Citing the Panthers size and how physical they are. People have mentioned how much Whitmer pushed Columbian around in week one. There are questions however, about just how good, or bad, Columbian really is this year. The same can be said of our Little Giants. Some folks say Start really wasn't that good a team and they gave Ross a bit of trouble.

Al talk notwithstanding, the two teams will kick off at 7pm Friday night. You can be sure a big crowd will be in attendance. Make sure you are there too.

Make no mistake about it. Fridays game is BIG. GO TO WHITMER. GET BEHIND YOUR LITTLE GIANTS! BE LOUD!

Let's GO Little Giants!!

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