Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I know Fremont Ross"

Recently we had some work done on our home by a contractor. Last evening he stopped by to make sure everything was satisfactory and to pick up the check. As we sat in our living room discussing the work, he spotted my 2010 Fremont Ross football program and his eyes lit up. "That's from Fremont Ross, you're from Fremont?". I proudly told him that of course I'm from Fremont. His response was "I know Fremont Ross!".

I asked the contractor if he was from Fremont and his response was no, he wasn't from Fremont, or from Ohio. He was born and bred in Michigan but "everyone knows about Fremont Ross. It's a good football school". He then went on to list a number of Little Giants with Michigan connections including his favorite college football player of all time, Rob Lytle. He spoke at length about Lytles time as a Wolverine and the enjoyment he got watching the former Little Giant play for the maize and blue. He also talked about Tony Gant and Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson.

He knew about the Ross-Sandusky rivalry and asked how the Little Giants were doing this year. "How's that Brown kid doing? You know he is coming up here next year." I promised to keep him filled in on how Ross does this year and how Greg Brown does as well. He asked who we were playing this week and after I told him we got back to a discussion of the work done on our home. As he left he reminded me to keep him updated on the 2010 Little Giants and said, " Beat Tiffin!" which I thought was pretty neat.

Sometimes we forget that Fremont Ross football is not just a local thing. Folks from all over follow the Little Giants. Sometimes they are people you would never expect, like a contractor in Michigan with no ties to Fremont at all.

Let's not let him down tomorrow night....


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