Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday morning thoughts...9/11/10


Last week at this time I was writing about how well our Little Giants played on both sides of the ball. The offense clicked against Whitmer and the defense held their own against a tough Panther squad. What a difference a week makes. But things like this happen, we'll be ok.

Columbian was just a much more physical team last night. No one expected that after last week, but that may have been the issue. Despite our words to the contrary I believe many of us believed that since we did so well against Whitmer, that we would blow Columbian away. Well someone forgot to tell the Tornadoes about that.

We can't discount the emotion on the other side of the field. Coach Colatruglio had been an assistant for Coach Kidwell at Hopewell-Loudon. You know that was additional incentive for him and his kids in Tiffin as well.

We'll be ok folks, I truly believe that. Our offense is good. Tylor Trautwein is one hell of an athlete and proves it on every play. That kid makes something out of nothing when he carries the ball. And Tyler Wolf is a good QB that is only going to get better. He busted his behind trying to keep us in the game last night. That young man is tough, don't doubt that. And you cannot discount the kicking of Gabe Tayar. That young man quietly is contributing every week.

Yes, we still have worries on the defensive side of the ball. But progress is being made. Are we there yet? No. Will we get there? I believe we will.

Tiffin sure got a great addition to their program with the transfer of young Mr. Golladay from Reynoldsburg. He is fast. Tittle at QB for the Tornadoes did a good job too. He sure has the last name for football to say the least.

Let's put this game behind us and focus on this next Friday night. Another Benedictine on the horizon. The only difference is that this one is in Cleveland. This season is far from over, let's stay focused and positive.

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