Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's do this together!

"The Sandusky rivalry isn't relevant anymore."

"The kids look at Findlay as our big rival now."

"Only you old fogies think Sandusky is our big rival anymore"

Maybe those thoughts, which have been expressed by folks on the forum and elsewhere have been true in recent years. But definitely not this year.

This Friday night the younger folks in Fremont get to experience what this historic rivalry means, and why. We "old fogies" meantime get to sit back and watch as the kids come to understand what the fuss is all about.

They'll come to understand why we talk about the back to back 7-0 wins in 1983.
They'll come to understand the meaning of the 28-27 win in 1969.
They'll understand our stories about the big, standing room only, sellout crowds.
They'll get it when they hear us talk about spirit jugs and outhouses on the front lawn at Ross High.
They'll get it when we talk about Mal Mackey vs. Earle Bruce.
They'll get it when the really old ones among us talk about Thanksgiving Day games.
...and more

This old rivalry that was born in 1895 and has lived through two world wars, a depression, and more, may have fallen asleep in recent times but comes to life again this Friday night. Its an opportunity for we old fogies to join our youngsters in supporting the Little Giants as they battle our historic rivals. Grey hairs and wrinkles joining youth and vigor in yelling ourselves hoarse as we make it clear to our opponents from Erie County that we are one. A family and community dressed in purple and white ,together with one purpose in mind.

Old and young, together as one Fremont. Little Giant fans united. Lets do this together.


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