Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday morning thoughts...10/30/10


Last nights 21-7 victory over Sandusky was a great playoff-atmosphere win before a big, loud crowd that brought back memories of the glory days of this old rivalry.

The Little Giants survived a whole lot of turnovers to win this game. Fortunately, Sandusky had their share of turnovers as well. It hurt them a bit more than ours hurt us.

Kudos to Tylor Trautwein for winning the running back showdown with Mr. Strickland. Tylor didn't just win it, he trounced Strickland. This after we heard all week how we were not going to be able to stop the Sandusky back. Granted Strickland got a little over 100 yards but Tylor doubled that and then some. That 76 yard TD run was a thing of beauty.

The Little Giant defense did a good job slowing the good Sandusky offense. Again, we heard all week how Sandusky was going to run and pass all over the Little Giants. Some Sandy fans were predicting wins by 34-0 scores and more. Yea, not so much.

What a good crowd! Sure it wasn't the "call the fire marshal" crowds of 10 or 11,000 of days gone by but there was lots of folks standing in the endzones. Kudos to fans from both programs but especially our Little Giants fans. One request...BRING THAT ENERGY INTO NEXT WEEKS PLAYOFF GAME! I was so proud of Fremont fans last night. And how about the marriage proposal on the scoreboard. The happy couple were sitting right in front of me.. Good luck to you two.

The Marching Little Giants did a great job last night too. Our band, which has been the target of some critics this season for not being involved, were into the game last night which was good to see. Kudos to Ms. Lewis and Co.

Now it is on the the playoffs. Our sixth playoff appearance overall and first since 2006. It looks as though we will be facing Toledo St. Johns. Home or away is yet to be determined but who cares where it will be? TEAM, FANS, BAND, COMMUNITY....WE'LL BE THERE.

2010 checklist....
Beat Toledo Whitmer....CHECK
Beat Cleveland Benedictine....CHECK
Beat Findlay....CHECK
Beat Napoleon....CHECK
Beat Sandusky....CHECK
Win the GBC title....CHECK
Qualify for the playoffs....CHECK

Now there is just one thing left...
Feel that weight? It's real heavy. What is it?
That weight is a HUGE monkey on our back. He's wearing a sweater with the word PLAYOFFS emblazoned on the front. We need to get that big ol monkey off our backs. We can do that by WINNING in the postseason. No matter who we play. No matter where it is. AS A COMMUNITY, A FAMILY let's go into the playoffs next Saturday night with a head of steam AND WIN!!

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