Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday morning thoughts...11/7/10


That sums it up when it comes to last nights 45-35 playoff loss to Toledo St. Johns. Good teams take advantage of mistakes and that is what the Titans did last night in the first half. Our Little Giants dug themselves into a hole too deep and we simply could not crawl out of it.

Make no mistake, this team tried with all the heart and grit that they could muster. The Little Giants never gave up and fought back pulling to within striking distance of the Jesuits, but it was not to be. 39-29 and 45-35 deficits were as close as we could get. I just keep thinking if we had made that two point conversion after pulling to within 45-35 and it was 45-37 then maybe, just maybe..... But then if we had not dug ourselves into a hole too deep in the first half all the "maybe" , and "what if" talk would be for naught as we would be playing in week 12.

My player of the game would have to be young Tyler Wolf. That young man carried his team on his back in the second half. Tyler tried hard to rebound from the first half mistakes to bring his team back. The young man would not quit. Even when he went down and appeared to limp off the field he would not be stopped. After one play on the sidelines he was back on the field fighting hard to bring his team back. We Little Giant fans are fortunate that this young man will be leading our team for the next two years. But he is not alone. Fremont Ross has a load of talent coming back and coming up. We will be ready for the TRAC battles to come.

But last night was not just Tyler Wolf. The entire team fought hard. No one gave up, no one gave in. Brown, Reffner, Stout, Miranda, Moreno, Starks, Trautwein, McDonald, and more. They ALL fought hard all night long. You could see it on the sidelines. These Little Giants did not want their season to end. They did not get down, they did not give up, but the hole which we dug ourselves into was just a little too deep to get out of.

I am not one to question the officials. But there were some calls and noncalls last night that made me shake my head. Some fans sitting around me were a bit more vocal in their opinions on the officiating. If I were St. Johns head coach Pearson, I would be having a very frank discussion with one particular player about his attitude. Talk about the "spoiled rich kid" stereotype.

In our week 10 victory over Sandusky I was impressed by Fremont Ross fans. Well last night at Doyt Perry Stadium the folks in purple and white were simply put..AMAZING. Fremonters came in droves to BG to support the Little Giants. Thousands of Little Giant fans poured into the east side of the Doyt, easily outnumbering the Titan fans who didn't even fill one section of the home side. And just like their team, the Little Giant fans did not get down when we fell behind. Simply put, Fremont Ross has the very best fan base in Northwest Ohio and we prove it every week.

I hesitate to ask this but the question is there. Is there a Fremont Ross playoff hex? We have a tremendous football tradition, no one can deny that. But if we are honest with ourselves something happens when we get into the postseason. What is it?

So this 2010 season is now in the books. Thoughts on the season as a whole will be coming soon. But it is never too early to look to 2011.


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